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So many of us live in worry and anxiety about the past and the future that we miss feeling the present fully. Our energy goes to “figuring out” past and present instead of using it to face life as it is now or to enjoy what we have now. We are hurried externally and restless internally.


Starting to practice meditation can change this. With meditation we can find peace, space and beauty inside us. We can also feel and understand life at a different depth when we learn to quiet the superficial mind chatter and understand that we are much bigger than that chatter. Meditation helps us create a different relationship with ourselves and the world. We are able to be more present in this moment and therefore our concentration is better. We can create right actions and right relationships instead of confused ones.


There is a large body of research documenting multiple benefits of meditation. We can retrain our minds with a meditation practice. Meditation can teach the brain to enter and sustain happy states of being.


When we change our minds we change our lives.

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