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Somatic Psychotherapy
& Moving Cycle

Somatic Psychotherapy and Body-Centered Psychotherapy are therapeutic approaches that integrate a client's physical body into the therapy process.  
Tracking the body sensations, breath patterns and movement impulses are important tools. Somatic practices can be very powerful in bringing unconscious habitual patterns into awareness, so they can be worked with and released.  The body can be a bridge to get in touch with the deeper truth beyond the mind and ego. We can release our neurotic "stories" and create a fulfilling life based on our heart's desire or our spirit's callings.

My training in the Somatic Psychology Department of Naropa University allowed me to submerge myself in study with Christine Caldwell, PhD, ADTR, LPC, creator
of a Body Centered paradigm called “Moving Cycle”. After graduating I was a teaching assistant for Christine Caldwell teaching the Moving Cycle. I also did trainings and supervision with her. I have been teaching workshops about Moving Cycle theory and practice in Europe. I am deeply grateful for having the Moving Cycle as my personal and professional tool that supports, guides and inspires me every day.


The skills of Moving Cycle have not only allowed me to do deep quality work with my clients but also taught me how to work in psychotherapy full time without getting burned out.


I think it is very valuable for all psychotherapists and healers to learn about Moving Cycle, and how to apply it to their work with their clients as well as how to do the important task of self care with themselves.


I have also been influenced by Anna Halprin’s Psychokinetic Imagery Process work and work of Dance/Movement Therapy pioneers Mary Whitehouse, Janet Adler, Joan Chodorow and Marion Chase. Gay and Katheleen Hendrick’s relationship work model has been very inspirational and supportive for couples work.

In individual sessions movement, body awareness, breath and creative arts are all tools to increase awareness, express feelings and facilitate growth and change. Increasing awareness on physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual levels helps to release old feelings and patterns. We can make new healthier choices that bring us balance, peace and happiness.



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